Addictions Training Institute – Student of the Month

Student of the Month

April 2024 Student of the Month 

Frederic Lastar

These days, I’m semi-retired but I work as a Coach Manager for a tele-health recovery program. Aside from that, I spend my time going on walks, golfing, and spending time with my wife and three daughters. To me, learning is a lifelong pursuit and one of the things I enjoy most. This goes hand in hand with the work I do. Helping people to improve their life in whatever area they are seeking improvement is my goal.

After receiving, my degree in Aerospace Engineering from the US Naval Academy, I shifted focus to health and earned my MBA in Health Services Management from Webster University. I then went one step further and studied at Oxford, obtaining my DMgt in Learning and Leadership.

I arrived at ATI because now, living in a rural area, the online community is the best way for me to learn. The program has lived up to its reputation, particularly the professional experiences shared by the instructors, and their practical applications. With the knowledge, I’m gaining from ATI, I’ll be able to move on from peer recovery work and into counseling.

The program I work with reaches all over the world, so what I enjoy most about my work is getting to see how addiction is dealt with from place to place. Now that I’m on the path to being certified, I’m looking forward to supporting the coaches I work with, and making a positive difference in many lives across the globe.


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