Addictions Training Institute – January 2024 Student of the Month

January 2024 Student of the Month

January 2024 Student of the Month 

Josephine Brooks

I am a Mental Health Case Manager for an outpatient therapy center. I also love crafting! My favorite crafts are knitting and macrame. I am not married, and I don’t have any children, but I do have a 1-year-old niece who I love to spend time with. I also have a cat named Minnie. I am passionate about helping people in need. I have a bachelor’s degree in environmental science and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) from the University of Oregon.

I am pursuing my CADC certification so that I can become a substance abuse counselor. My undergraduate degree is in an unrelated field, so I wanted to get more relevant training. I chose ATI for my educational needs because I liked the online format. Online classes are so convenient, and I wanted to select a program that also had live classes instead of a self-paced format to keep me on track. What I liked most about studying at ATI is that I had peers in my classes who I could ask questions to and have discussions with. Other programs can be very impersonal, and you never get to know the other students in your classes.

Once I become certified, I plan to obtain my CADC-I and become a substance abuse counselor. What I love most about my current job is working with people. I am in recovery myself and I aspire to help people find the serenity that I have found, and hopefully avoid making some of the mistakes that I made.

In the future, I would like to be able to lead therapeutic groups and provide one-on-one counseling. I currently have clients who I assist with things like making doctors appointments and filling out paperwork, but I am not qualified to counsel them through issues such as trauma or provide diagnosis-specific treatment. After I obtain my certification, I will receive a pay raise and I will be in line for an open counselor position.

As far as my future plans go, my first step is to become a substance abuse counselor. After that, I am considering going back to school to become a licensed clinical social worker (MSW). I think I’m on the right path to reach my goals.