Addictions Training Institute – January 2022 Student of the Month

January 2022 Student of the Month

January 2022 Student of the Month 

Seth Harley Provencio

I currently work at Elevate Addiction Services in Santa Cruz, California. My title is Supervisor of Program Support and Fitness. My hobbies include riding my Harley Davidson, CrossFit and hiking. I used to be a mechanic and an ironworker, so I like to work on my Dodge Charger R/T and my 1990 Harley Heritage Softail Classic. I love shiny things with loud pipes that go fast. I am not married, nor do I have any children. I also have no pets.

I am passionate about helping addicts and alcoholics get sober. I am also VERY passionate about the treatment modality at my job. I am a huge fan of holistic and curriculum-based treatment, and also CrossFit. The Rehab I work at has a CrossFit Gym on site, and I hope to become a coach someday

My highest level of education completed is high school. I went to high school in Merced, CA. I went to UC Merced (University of California) for a few years, but ultimately my personal substance abuse issues prevented me from completing my BS in Mathematics. I eventually found my way to recovery, and now it is my life’s mission to help those struggling with chemical dependency find their way to recovery.

I chose to pursue education in a counseling related role because I want to make a career out of doing what I love, and to help put families back together. A credential through my education with ATI will help me to better achieve my career goals. I chose ATI for my educational needs because the school curriculum is able to fit in with my busy lifestyle of working full time plus and running a Sober Living Environment. I have a 24 hour a day job, and ATI’s curriculum does not interfere with my other responsibilities.

I would love to use my certification and future credentials to get promoted at work and hopefully become a director at the inpatient rehab I work for. I started with them as an unpaid intern sanitizing pens and picking up trash, and now I am a program supervisor with my own office. I would love to continue to develop my skills and become a Program Director one day. What I like most about my job is helping people find their way back to a good and healthy life. I enjoy working with youth and assisting lost sons and daughters to be reunited with worried mothers and fathers. Being a part of a team that reunites families is the best.

I will be able to use my education to be better equipped to help those struggling with addiction. Learning new skills and becoming more knowledgeable will better equip me to work with those suffering with addictions. A certification entitles me to an immediate raise in compensation and level of responsibility. My career goals for the future are to become a Program Director at a residential facility. I love working at the holistic program I work for currently- Elevate Addiction Services. Our motto is “Redefining addiction and reinventing recovery”. I would love to revolutionize addiction treatment to better ensure successful and effective treatment delivery. My education through ATI is a great steppingstone into being the change our industry so desperately needs.