Addictions Training Institute – March 2022 Student of the Month

March 2022 Student of the Month

March 2022 Student of the Month 


Dominic Casaca


My name is Dominic Casaca. I am a counselor in a residential facility. I am an outdoors kind of person, and I have always enjoyed going out into nature and exploring. I am married with three children, and we also have a dog. I am passionate about learning and always thriving to improve myself.


I have a bachelor’s in psychology. I received my bachelor’s from UOP in California. My current employer is requiring me to become certified as a SUD counselor. I am registered through CCAPP, and I looked into a few different schools before choosing ATI. With a lot of CCAPP’s other approved education providers, I had difficulties getting in contact to register for class. ATI, on the other hand, made the process amenable and trouble-free.

    I am always busy between work and family, and ATI has made accomplishing this goal of becoming SUD certified possible for me. The process is comfortable and flexible, and it works well with my schedule. Online classes have made achieving my educational goals much more attainable.    

After I finish my education with ATI, I will continue to work as a counselor with my county. Eventually, I would like to pursue a Master’s degree to become Licensed Clinical Social Worker.


I enjoy doing many things, and I have always been involved with my community even from a young age working with 4-H. With my education and a certification, I can move up in position and take on a greater role in helping my clients who have been diagnosed with co-occurring diagnoses.


I am truly where I want to be at this moment. I have many future goals, as I previously mentioned, I am going to get my MSW to become a LCSW. However, I do not plan on stopping there. I will continue with my education and get my PhD. My goal is to open my own therapeutic practice. As a veteran myself, I want to work with other veterans and their families.