Addictions Training Institute – August 2022 Student of the Month

August 2022 Student of the Month

August 2022 Student of the Month


Susan Powis


My name is Susan Powis. I am currently a Senior Consultant working in the Compliance department for a Medicare Part D plan. As a hobby, my husband and I have recently started camping. We have a small Coleman camper. Our favorite place to camp is Fort Wilderness at Disney. I have been married for 39 years, and have two grown kids and a son-in-law. We also have two dogs, Sage and Wellington.

I have a Master’s degree in Adult Learning and Development. I attended several universities, but I graduated from the University of Akron (OH) and Cleveland (OH) State University. We moved to Florida two years ago, and I’ve been shocked daily at the drug and alcohol related accidents and incidents in my community. Finally, I just decided to see what I could do to help. I am passionate about finishing my program with ATI and getting started as a Substance Abuse Counselor!

After researching some programs that were listed on the Florida Certification Board website, ATI looked like the most professional, and I liked that it’s located here in Florida. Something that I love about ATI is that we have a virtual meeting once a week. The meeting really gives us a chance to get to know others in our cohort and engage with our instructor. Taking courses online made it easier for me to obtain my educational goals because there are no in person options in my area for this type of education.

When I get certified, I plan to work as a counselor in my community, with the hopes of being able to direct a program or create learning events. I am using this opportunity to transition from a career in health plans to a front line role helping people in my community.

My goals for the future include obtaining a Master’s in Psychology so that I can sit for the CAP exam here in Florida. I like that a counselor can work independently with that certification, potentially in telehealth.