Addictions Training Institute – March 2024 Student of the Month

March 2024 Student of the Month

March 2024 Student of the Month 

EJ Bailey

I’ve always been passionate about the world of treatment, especially improving and developing ways to approach treatment for individuals. I’ve attended multiple different schools and earned several degrees, including a Bachelors in Professional Studies from Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. I currently work as a Certified Addictions Professional, and ATI is helping me in my transition to the role of Certified Addictions Counselor.

Both personally and professionally, I’m interested in Transformative Social and Emotional Learning, or “T-SEL”. This is all about exploring emotional intelligence within social systems such as recovery, families of origin, and recovery “family” systems. I’m also looking to help those experiencing “awareness/consciousness” issues with substance use disorders. 

Beyond my professional work, I’m interested in the culinary arts, drawing and painting, and motorcycling. These are all practical ways I experience feeling whole, healthy, safe and sane.  For me, daily self-care is all about practicing forms of gentleness, humor, love and respect.

Throughout both life and work, it’s a must to practice analysis, practicality, and creativity daily… and mostly not in that order. In my own life and those I treat, I believe it’s essential to stay present. Always living “In this moment”, “in this day” and “one day at a time”.