Addictions Training Institute – Ati-Alumni


Stacy Springer

ATI was life-changing for me. Since taking advantage of the incredible program at ATI, I have become a respected and knowledgeable advocate for those seeking treatment and support for substance use disorders. Rather than simply hoping that people get the help they need, I am now certified and licensed to help people firsthand, do what I’m so passionate about, and help provide for myself and my family. I was able to work full time and care for three children at home while completing ATI’s program on my own time.

The staff was incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, and far more responsive than any other online class from a university. I would love to duplicate the staff at ATI and bring them to work with me, and because of the lasting impact the program had on me, I feel like I am. The staff at ATI have been my #1 advocates. I genuinely feel that if I didn’t have her support and commitment to the students at ATI, I may have doubted that I would be able to imagine myself doing the work I am doing now.

I began this journey in November of 2021, and as of today, I am a licensed and certified SUDC. My family is so proud, and my husband just gushes about what I’ve been able to accomplish with ATI. Since completing the program and becoming certified, my hourly rate has increased by $10 an hour so far. There is a massive need for more counselors, and I am confident that ATI gave me the strength that I needed at this time in my life and in my recovery to keep moving forward.