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Why Choose a Career in Addictions?

Qualified Addictions Professionals are in High Demand.

Substance Abuse impacts every part of society. Families, jobs and lives are destroyed every day by alcohol and drug addiction. All races, cultures, ages and genders are affected. The good news is that addiction is treatable, and you can help. Addictions professionals not only provide hope to individuals and families, but they also save lives.

An estimated 2.7 million persons aged 12 or older used an illicit drug for the first time within the past 12 months. In 2021, an estimated 22.3 million persons aged 12 or older were classified with substance dependence or abuse. However, only 1.6 percent of these people received some kind of treatment for a problem related to the use of alcohol or illicit drugs.

There is a high demand for qualified substance abuse professionals, as our nation’s need for treatment services continues to grow while our current workforce is retiring. If you want to have a career as a substance abuse counselor you need to be properly prepared. It is important to obtain the necessary education and training in order to provide the most effective, quality care. Also, each state has its’ own certification and/or licensing requirements for practice. If you want a career helping others you need to be aware of your state’s laws and guidelines.