Addictions Training Institute – August 2023 Student of the Month

August 2023 Student of the Month

August 2023 Student of the Month 

Terry Reeder

I am a Plans/Operations and Safety Officer for my US Army Organization. I love to play golf, and I am married with children: three daughters and one son. We have two pets, a Basset Hound named Bubba, and a Husky named Luna. I am passionate about helping my fellow AA Members stay sober and of course, keeping my beautiful bride of 32-years happy by completing my “Honey Do” list on a daily/weekly basis.

I obtained an AA in Law Enforcement at Yakima Valley Community College, and a BS in Organizational Behavior at University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas.

I wanted to pursue education for drug and alcohol counselor related roles after I finally quit drinking after 47-years. I want to share my experience, strength and hope with those people that are still suffering and hopefully help them to live a life of sobriety, “Live Life the Way Life Should Be Lived”.

I chose ATI for my educational needs because I was “Surfing the Web” for classes to become a Peer Recovery Support Specialist in Texas, and the only one I found was a 1-week internet class (which I wouldn’t be able attend). Then, I clicked on a link to find the certification process to become a Peer Recovery Support Specialist in Texas and there was an advertisement for ATI, so I clicked on it and signed up for the Peer Recovery Support Specialist program. Then, I decided to sign up for the Drug and Alcohol Counselor Program.

What I like most about studying at ATI is the professors. I am currently in my second class at ATI, and both professors I have had so far are extremely knowledgeable in their fields of expertise. If you’re going to learn something, then you should learn from the best. I also enjoy the convenience of distance learning/online classes. I completed my bachelor’s degree via distance learning because I was able to complete my assignments at my convenience and still complete my “Honey Do” list. I prefer the convenience of online learning and with today’s technology, I don’t think you miss out on any instruction/learning versus classroom instruction.

I was an active-duty soldier for 29 ½ years, and I still work for the US Army. I love working with soldiers daily. One portion of my job is being a Safety Officer, and I love helping my fellow and civilians stay safe. I have used my education to teach my Organizations Chaplain about Alcoholism since the Chaplain counsels individuals and families, and alcohol abuse comes up in the conversations he has with soldiers and their families. The Chaplain comes to me for advice from time-to-time.

I’m nearing retirement age, and when I finally retire in about two years, I plan to become certified and use the knowledge I have obtained to find a job at a rehabilitation center. Once I retire from Federal Service, I am very excited to go into the field of Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation.