Addictions Training Institute – Student Testimonials

Real Testimonials from ATI Students


  • “The materials used were very informative. I have learned a tremendous amount from writing and reading the application/discussion papers (my research/classmates). I am really being challenged. “
    Marla - SAC 101
  • “I felt like this was an excellent, well rounded course and I learned a lot from it. I really enjoyed both the weekly discussion groups and the feedback from my fellow students on each of our papers. “
    Stacey - SAC 101
  • “I liked everything the course had to offer and the 2 thumbs up for the instructors. “
    Theresa - SAC 101
  • “Everyone was so nice and very helpful.”
    Linda - SAC 101
  • “The best part of the program is the way that each of my needs were taken care of, no matter how big or small.”
    Penny - SAC 101

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