Addictions Training Institute – February 2022 Student of the Month

February 2022 Student of the Month

February 2022 Student of the Month 

Dana Flynn

Dana Flynn currently works as a recovery coach and yoga therapist. Her hobbies include open water swimming, and she spends most of her time by the ocean. Dana is also an avid traveler. She just returned from an incredible experience in Cape Verde, which is made up of 10 active islands on the Ivory Coast of West Africa.

Dana holds a Bachelor of Science in Business degree from Cornell University. She was inspired to pursue education for drug and alcohol counselor related roles because of her lived experience with sobriety. Dana has been sober for 7 years, and feels a renewed commitment to service and fellowship.

Dana chose ATI because the live lectures allow her the classroom setting and sense of connection that she needs. Both Professor Kelly Moselle and Professor Tony King make it engaging for her to be in the classroom, even virtually. She feels that they both get classmates engaged and allow them to learn from each other.

Dana plans to use her certification to become a counselor in the recovery field. She is excited to actively listen to people who are in recovery, but also to share her experience of strength and hope. She wants to cultivate a safe and brave space where everyone can be open, trust one another, and heal.

Dana is looking forward to her future, but she is also right where she wants to be in this present moment. Clean, sober, and grateful.