Addictions Training Institute – January 2023 Student of the Month

January 2023 Student of the Month

January 2023 Student of the Month 

Jayeson Brandley


My name is Jayeson Brandley. I am currently retired. I love to collect sports memorabilia, exercise (mostly weightlifting), hike, and babysit my granddaughter. I have been happily married for 25 years. I have three kids, ages 28, 23, and 22. I also have three cats.

I am passionate about working with others in behavioral science, reading history books, space (the universe), and I’m an avid movie goer.

I obtained a BA in Sociology from California State University-Fullerton. Knowing that I wanted to start a new career, I looked into different employment paths where I could use my Sociology degree and my business background to help others. I got connected to the Harris House (Saint Charles, MO) and thoroughly enjoyed the curriculum and staff. After my visit with Harris House, I decided to investigate various counseling programs and found ATI on Facebook. After vetting different programs, I realized ATI was a good fit due to being online and with live interactive sessions.  ATI had positive reviews from student alumni, and I decided to sign up.

What I liked the most about studying at ATI is being in the virtual chat sessions with a great teacher and facilitator. The virtual chat sessions include students already in the counseling profession. Additionally, the books are very informative, they expand my thinking and help me look at behavioral solutions from a different perspective. Taking courses online made it easier for me to obtain my educational goals. It works well for me as I have to split time between Missouri and California, so logging in and attending virtual chats and doing the assignments is very flexible. After I receive my IC & RC certificate I plan to advance my education while working in the field.

Overall, I hope to roll-out some new concepts for larger groups in society and provide hope to people looking for solutions. At the present moment, I’m not where I want to be just yet. I do plan on becoming a counselor at a rehabilitation center or go into practice for myself. I need to complete the hours of training/practicum, finish the ATI Program, and begin my new career.