Addictions Training Institute – December 2022 Student of the Month

December 2022 Student of the Month

December 2022 Student of the Month 

Nayibis Pacheco

I am the Addiction Technician Supervisor and the Business Office Supervisor at Hazelden Betty Ford in Naples. I love painting, video games, and horror movies. My family bonds over video games and movies and we enjoy it so much. We also collect Funko Pops and have a very big collection! I am currently engaged to be married next May and I have one 14-year-old daughter. I have one very spoiled rotten Chug (chihuahua and pug mix). He has a lot of deep-rooted trauma following his first home, but has turned out to be the best little pup ever and has gotten better with constant love, nurturing, and safety. 

I’m passionate about change. Anyone can accomplish the kind of change they want to see for themselves. I like to be an agent of change and ask “how can I help you achieve your goals?”. I am also a big believer of everyone’s autonomy and sometimes helping someone realize they can make decisions to improve their lives is rewarding. I am also passionate about asking for help. There is such stigma around needing help, but some of the most pivotal moments in my life have happened when I was brave enough to ask for help.

I obtained a Bachelor’s in Psychology. I attended community college for two years and transferred to complete my bachelors at the University of Florida. It was also an online program, and it was fantastic!

I’ve been in the field for nearly a decade. I have been inspired over and over again by the people working hard to get better. I have gotten better from addiction and my life turned around. What better joy than to pay it forward?

I did a lot of research and it’s not always clear cut what the process is for obtaining certification. ATI provides the support you need. You can work at your own pace, receive a lot of support from the team and instructors because they want to see you succeed. I am very excited to start my practicum course and it’s all spelled out really well. A process I thought would be overwhelming was made significantly easier by ATI. They provide you with the education needed before preparing you for the certification and it was a wonderful decision to work with ATI.

What I like most about studying at ATI is that the expectations are clear, and the support is always there. The ATI team is responsive, quick to answer questions and they work with your needs along the way. I loved the passion from the instructors and their personal feedback of what being in the field is like. I loved all the course material and felt it did a great job of preparing you for the field. Many of the things I learned were living concepts that I was witnessing while working in the field. It was really remarkable to get more insight about the clinical aspect of the process.

Taking courses online made it easier for me to obtain my educational goals. My biggest constraint is time. I am a mother, a supervisor, and still a student. It’s a tight balancing act to organize your time, but being able to complete this online was a big bonus in my decision to work with the program and my time constraints.

When I become certified, I plan to be able to work with patients and support our clinical team as needed. I also love my job. I work with Addiction Technicians who are always key in making patients feel safe and welcomed, and I have a wonderful team who all feel passionate about the field and that is a blessing. This is a tough field with a heavy emotional toll, and it takes very special individuals to manage that and still display compassion and empathy. For me, what makes it truly remarkable is witnessing someone come in who feels scared, lost, unsmiling, but when they leave, they stand a bit straighter, their eyes are clear, there are a lot of smiles, and this relief of “there’s hope, and I can do this, I know what to do.”

I feel knowing the clinical aspect to how addiction treatment works is crucial in whatever next steps I take. Whether that is to work with patients as a counselor or to someday run my own site. I need to have a working understanding of all processes within a rehab setting, both clinical and administrative. My hope is to continue growing and using the skills I learn to provide better service.

When my supervisor found out I would be working to get certified she was very thrilled for me! I was promoted twice since I began the ATI program. My supervisor has seen some of clinical knowledge I have gained and my understanding of it expanded so much. I am often in clinical team meetings and its even helped integrate how our departments work together.

As of right now, I am definitely where I want to be. My goal is to practice my skills and keep evolving. Thank you ATI.