Addictions Training Institute – July 2022 Student of the Month

July 2022 Student of the Month

July 2022 Student of the Month 

Philip Quackenbush

My name is Philip Quackenbush. I am 58 years old. After being in the construction industry for over 37 years I decided to make some important changes to my lifestyle. The most important change I made was my career. Although after years of managing commercial construction projects around the country, and very knowledgeable and successful, I was not happy with myself.

After receiving treatment for substance abuse disorder, I made the best decision of my life. I figured that now that I am sober, what did I really want to do? I have always had a servant’s heart, and never hesitated to help those in need. With this characteristic and having been in treatment myself; I knew exactly what I wanted to do as an occupation the rest of my life; help those by becoming a drug and alcohol counselor.

After calling different schools, I finally settled and enrolled with ATI. As a result, ATI has met all my concerns and questions regarding me getting certified. Their curriculum is outstanding as well as those who facilitate the on-line classes. I highly recommend ATI to anybody who is thinking of becoming a counselor in the helping profession. Even though I am enrolled, I still have time enjoy the things I love such as; camping, fishing, time at the beach, and time with family and friends. I want to thank all the staff at ATI for their support and guidance in this wonderful transition I am experiencing.