This prep course will prepare students who are planning on taking the Alcohol and Drug Counselor Certification Exam.

This course will teach you how to study, prepare, and take the IC & RC National Exam. This is the Alcohol and Drug Counselor Certification Exam that is required in California, Florida, Georgia, Ohio and 42 other states.  Included in the course are multiple quizzes from IC&RC recommended text books, and 3 practice quizzes which emulate the Certification Exam.   

In addition, this course has a live and self-paced feature.  The next online live series starts on Wednesday, January 19th, 2022.  The live class runs for 4 weeks on Wednesday nights at 8:30p.m. Eastern Time (5:30p.m. Pacific Time).

There are 2 options for this course

    1. $599 Exam Prep Course with Practicum (or supervised field experience, internship, externship, etc.).  This course is called SAC 107 Supervised Practicum in Substance Abuse Counseling. This course is an independent study course with instructor direction and includes supervised practica in substance abuse counseling.  The course provides an opportunity to integrate and apply theories, models, and skills through the provision of substance abuse treatment services. The role and responsibilities of substance abuse counselors will be addressed. In class opportunities for peer consultation; presentation of cases; and discussions on topics of related to the application of skills will be provided.  Click here to purchase this course
    2. $299 Exam Prep Course without Practicum.  This is only the Exam Prep course for students who have completed the field practicum either at ATI or with some other school. Click here to purchase this course

Note: Don’t forget to complete the blue registration form to the right before you make the payment. After going through checkout and purchasing this course, please email to receive the official welcome email for class with full instructions on how to log in and get started.

Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity!! $599 for the webinar series with practicum and $299 for practice course only. Register today!