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Student Packages

Type Expires
Behavioral Health Technician 2022-02-21

Course Details

Package : Behavioral Health Technician
ID Course Credits Action
1609 Adolescents and the Risks That Affect Them 2 Go to Course
247 Aggression Control: Recognition, Proactive Approaches and Diffusion 2 Go to Course
167 Alcohol Problems and Treatment 1 Go to Course
1111 Client Rights 1 Go to Course
1613 Creating a Healthier Life 2 Go to Course
1614 Dealing with the Effects of Trauma 1 Go to Course
258 Developing and Practicing Ethics 1 Go to Course
1616 Documentation, Patient Records and Substance Abuse Treatment 3 Go to Course
1341 Elements of Therapeutic Change 1 Go to Course
111 Ethics: Confidentiality Of Mental Health Information; Ethical, Legal, & Policy Issues from the Surgeon Generals Report 2 Go to Course
173 Exposure to Blood: What Healthcare Personnel Need to Know 1 Go to Course
1342 Guidelines for Preventing Workplace Violence for Health Care and Social Service Settings 1 Go to Course
1285 HIPAA Privacy Rule and Sharing Information Related to Mental Health 1 Go to Course
1830 HIV, STDs and Hepatitis C 3 credits Updated 2020 3 Go to Course
1216 Introduction to Cultural Competence 4 Go to Course
166 Suicide Prevention 1 Go to Course
1620 Supporting Clients Decision Making Abilities and Preferences 5 Go to Course
1539 Trauma Informed Care Understanding the Impact of Trauma 3 Go to Course