We are passionate about our mission to provide the support, training and resources to help you and your clients succeed. We love hearing and sharing the “whys” of those who are chasing their dreams of helping make the world a better place. Our students choose to pursue an education in the behavioral healthcare field for various reasons, and we’re proud to be a part of their journeys toward making a difference. Each month we feature a student who is on the path to truly making an impact on the lives of others.

Our Student of the Month, Kevin Phillips, shares his experience with ATI:

I am the CEO/Executive Director of Archway Recovery Services, Inc. in Fairfield, CA. I am responsible for a regional Substance Use Disorder treatment program. We operate 2 residential facilities in Solano County. We will be opening a third residential treatment facility in Napa County in November, 2023.

I am a swimmer. I also serve as the President of the Board of Directors for a nonprofit arts organization: The Youth Artists Conservatory of Music. I am partnered with Wanda Cook. We both have children from previous marriages. My daughter has a doctorate in Healthcare Design and Leadership. She is the founder of Nursing the System, an online nurse education program. My son is in college. He also works for ARS as an AOD Counselor. We also have a beautiful cat named Bella. I’d like to get a dog as well, and I am currently in long-term negotiations with my partner about this option. I am passionate about helping others to flourish in their lives. I am also passionate about contributing to the development of a more just and equitable community and society.

I have a Master’s of Divinity Degree from the Episcopal Theological Seminary in Virginia. I am also an ordained priest in the Episcopal Church. I have over thirty-years of experience in counseling and organizational leadership. My role as the CEO of an AOD treatment organization draws on my counseling and organizational experience. However, I am not formally credentialled. (Note: Credentialing is not required in my administrative role.) I value education generally, and despite my long experience, there is always something new to learn. I want to demonstrate for my employees that learning and education never stops. And, being credentialed as an AOD Counselor can’t hurt.

I chose ATI for my educational needs because I am a very busy person. ATI provides a learning format that allows me to be flexible. While I make it a priority to be present for every lecture/learning experience online, I need the ability to miss a session when my schedule requires me to be elsewhere. What I liked most while studying at ATI has been the texts/reading material that have been selected for the courses. I also appreciate the prompts used for the application papers. They have always been relevant to the topic. As someone who is deeply involved in the issues raised by the prompt, I find the opportunity to think through the question to be helpful.

What I like most about my job is building organizations and providing opportunities for our employees and our clients/patients to live their best lives. As an organizational leader, much of my counseling is with managers and supervisors. Leadership is about influencing intentional change. Systems change when individuals change their behavior in ways that contribute to an organization’s values, vision, and mission. I enjoy the process of facilitating change that improves people’s lives.

I have high confidence that I will use my education from ATI to improve what I do. Education involves both theory and practice. Theory prepares the mind to empower the body to engage new behaviors. Learning is a continuous dialectic between thinking and doing. This never stops.

My career goal for the future is to continue to develop Archway Recovery Services as a regional leader in providing Substance Use Disorder treatment for very low-income people. We are creating a meaningful pathway out of homelessness. My goal is to assure that anyone who comes into contact with us is able to begin to build a more hopeful future.

Working toward a more equitable community and society: Meet Kevin Phillips