March is Women’s History Month — a time to celebrate the diverse women across the nation, both past and present, who have helped and continue to help shape us as individuals and as a country. As we celebrate this month, we also recognize and appreciate the unique struggles and challenges women face in their everyday lives, keeping everything going at work and home, within the community and more.

Prioritizing mental health, as women, means taking the time to not only care for others, but yourself as well. Women are often caregivers for family, ensuring others remain happy and healthy — and many women then don’t prioritize care for themselves. And women’s mental health issues differ from those of men, as more and more research has shown. Being mentally healthy has a far-reaching impact on both the legacies and the history of women. Ensure the women in your life have the tools to be mentally and physically healthy starting with these tips below from SAMHSA:

  • Take time for yourself to do something you want or nothing at all
  • Get a good night’s rest every night, 7-9 hours per night is recommended for adults
  • Participate in regular exercise – 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity is recommended for adults
  • Get outside and get some sunshine whenever possible
  • Try relaxation techniques like meditation, mindfulness, or prayer
  • Tell a trusted family member or friend if you are struggling with your mental health
  • Consider talking to a mental health professional

Women’s History Month: why women’s mental health matters