It’s no secret that healthy eating can improve your general well-being. Good nutrition can help set you on the path to a healthy weight and reduce your risk for chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and more. For these reasons and more, incorporating healthy foods into your lifestyle can be beneficial for your body AND your mind.

Your body has specific needs to achieve and maintain a healthy state. There are a wide range of foods that can fill those needs, giving your body the vitamins and nutrients it craves. When you take an active role in planning for and preparing nutritious meals every day, your body reaps the benefits. Healthy foods also give you the energy you need to stay active throughout the day. Rich, leafy greens and other seasonal fruits and veggies as well as legumes, fish and more can help your body stay strong and healthy.

There’s also a financial benefit to eating well. If you can maintain a healthy body and mind and avoid diseases, you can also avoid the financial cost of illness. Serious illnesses can change everything, including draining your bank account. Eating well can be a step in the right direction to reduce the risk of diseases affecting your life.

Healthy eating also boosts mental health and self confidence. Food and mood are clearly related — when you eat well, your mental health benefits. A 2019 study on people being treated for depression showed that nearly one-third of those who practiced a healthy diet over three months no longer showed signs of depression.

If you’re not sure how to get started on eating healthier or simply don’t have time to shop for and prepare intricate meals, there are services such as HelloFresh, Daily Harvest and Blue Apron that deliver everything you need to make meals with a range of dietary needs in mind.

Why Eating Well Can Boost Your Overall Health