The future is here, so let’s use the technology we have at our digital fingertips!

We have the safe, non-tactile security of Blockchain. (For an in-depth dive into how it all works you can visit here to find out more.) Blockchain provides a credible and equal platform for everyone who needs to have a voice without any authority in place. Blockchain-enabled platforms will be able to remove geographical barriers and make therapy accessible to all.

Its advanced technology provides an immutable record of the patient’s medication history, diagnosis, and prior treatments which is dated and accurate. Not to mention, it’s one of the most secure forms of new tech out in the world.

Using this technology has also helped incentivize other companies to put their own mental health programs in place, with a suggested 95% of employers now offering their own versions of mental health practice in their wellness platforms.

Nowadays, more people than ever are learning about the beneficial use of blockchain which could revolutionize how we use technology safely and efficiently in almost every aspect of our lives. Let’s continue to build on this knowledge and progress further into the future.

The Mindfulness Industry is Unleashing Blockchain to Fight Mental Health Issues