Building positive anticipation carries with it many benefits to those who choose to not just “live in the now” but also look forward to the future, as well. By having something fun or exciting to look forward to, large or small, you’re imagining a new potential future with good times ahead. This has become especially important over the last several years, when we’ve dealt with the disappointment of our plans and upcoming events being canceled and rescheduled.

We actually need something to look forward to, and the benefits of having that special something are clear:

– You feel less “stuck” in the now. When you have something to look forward to, the challenges you may be facing currently can feel less overwhelming.
– Looking forward can help with stress management. Studies have shown that goal-setting and positive anticipation prevents our stress level from skyrocketing out of control.
– Feeling purposeful helps you stay motivated. Looking forward to something helps you create and follow a plan towards a better life. Life feels more rewarding.
– It helps you feel more in charge of your life. Whether you’re looking forward to a new hobby, meeting with a friend, taking a fun trip or even just enjoying your favorite dessert, having things to look forward to helps you start to feel more like you are living your life rather than just existing.

What are you looking forward to? Give yourself some positive anticipation and enjoy the ride!

The benefits of having something to look forward to