It’s important to care for ourselves all the time, not just when we are experiencing challenges or crises. Preventive care — like routinely exercising, checking in on your mental state, engaging in self-care and eating well — can make a big impact on your well-being. And taking responsibility for your own well-being gives you the power to begin problem solving and finding your joy.

Giving yourself an active role in your own health allows you to assess your situation and plan accordingly. If you’re feeling down, give yourself the care you need, like getting outside, performing a self-care ritual or confiding in a loved one. Surrounding yourself with good people and an environment that promotes healthy habits can make a world of difference. And finding new and meaningful ways to improve your mental health and help support others in doing the same can truly give you a boost of happiness. Check out these daily suggestions for May from Action for Happiness to take action in promoting kindness and happy days for you and your loved ones!

Taking control of your own well-being