Support groups have become increasingly popular over recent years, as members with the same or similar issues can come together to share coping strategies, feel more empowered and gain a sense of community. There are support groups available for a wide range of conditions or circumstances, and can often become an integral part of navigating challenging times. In our country’s mental health crisis, therapists are finding it difficult to keep up with the demand, and many Americans are experiencing a lack of access to therapists when they are needed. That’s why peer support platform ShareWell was created — to fill the gap. ShareWell offers a more affordable peer-support model, which lands it somewhere between special interest forums and online communities, coaching and therapy. The company’s thesis is that people who are in the same proverbial boat can offer each other support (but, emphatically, not advice!) to alleviate the burden of going at it alone. The company’s mental health support community values safety, privacy, and empathy, with live human support that is effective, affordable and accessible. Peers share their own experiences, rather than offering advice, and focus on building connections through supporting one another during difficult times. Check out ShareWell for peer support groups related to anxiety, grief and loss, depression, relationship struggles, ADHD and more.