Life during retirement may be different than some thought

While people are often excited to retire and look forward to a life of relaxation and happiness, for some, leaving the workforce introduces unexpected hurdles to finding a new purpose, “…especially among those who retire younger than the older generations,” says Brent Forester, president of the- American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry.

After leaving the workforce, people can struggle to find their identity beyond their professional life. Losing social connections with coworkers can also be difficult for people.This loss of purpose and focus can trigger depression among anyone, not just retirees.

As mental health professionals, we can help the people we serve by encouraging them to find a new hobby or purpose with their new freedom, such as volunteer work or even part-time work to help ease the transition into retirement. To find more resources on serving clients through retirement, click here to explore our continuing education opportunities. Together we can continue to help people find their joys.

Retirement Bringing New Challenges in Managing Mental Health