Resource Numbers That Are Useful In Everyday Life

Companies across all industries are finding their own ways to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month. Employers have come to understand that employee happiness is not just a moral conversation, but one of productivity and success as well. It’s especially important that we in the mental health space celebrate internally as well!

In 2022, the Mental Health Awareness theme and tagline is “Together for Mental Health.” Although the entire month is dedicated to the topic, the first week is the most important, where most events occur nationwide.

If your budget for celebrations is effectively zero, there are still plenty of ways to get in the spirit, boost employee morale, and make a positive change in the world. Simply hosting a roundtable, having a small event, or even sharing resources and communication options are all great starting points.

If your budget is more mid-level (below $1,000), there is now plenty of room to really make some strides this month. CE-Classes offers mental health training courses that not only improve the mental health skill set of your team, but will provide them with continuing education credits from an accredited provider. To see which courses are recommended for your team, click here.

With a higher budget (above $1,000), some ideas for celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month include hiring presenters in the space, employee gifting, or offering an entire wellness series.

What ideas are already coming to you to help your team celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month?

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Resource Numbers That Are Useful In Everyday Life