Addictions Training Institute – Payment Confirmation

Payment Confirmation

Thank you and congratulations on registering to become a . We have received your payment of $ that you submitted on 01-01-1969.
The payment has been authorized and approved. Your plan will expire in one year on 01-01-1970.
Instructions to complete your coursework on the ATI website.

1. Log into ATI using the credentials created at the time of registration. NOTE: If you are already logged into your account after registration, you do not have to log in again. You can skip this step. Here is the link to log in :

*Your username is the email used to register on the site and your password was also chosen during registration.

2. Click on “Student Profile” at the top right (if not automatically directed to the student profile). At the top of the page you can see your demographic information.

3. Scroll down the page to find the BHT courses listed.

4. The “Go to Course” action link is to the right of each course title. This is the link you need. You can take the courses in any order. Choose any course and click on “Go to Course”.

5. This is the Course Description page. You will scroll down below Course Description and click on the “Get Course Materials” button.

6. Read the course material (either a PDF document, online article, or PowerPoint Presentation). You can save and print out the reading materials if you want to do so.

7. Return to the Course Description page. Then scroll down below the Course Description and click on the “Take Exam” button. PLEASE NOTE: Ignore the exam fee. There are no exam fees after you purchase the course package. All exams are included in the course package. You will not be asked for any other payments.

8. It is time to take your exam! Exams are not timed, and you may take as long as you need; however, they must be completed in one sitting.

9. Before submitting the exam, you must check off the box that states: “I hereby certify that I read the material of this program and that the work presented on this answer sheet is my own. Further, I received no assistance in completing this test. I have answered all exam questions and wish to submit my exam for grading.”

10. Once you have answered the exam questions and click on the attestation button you should click the “Submit Exam” button.

11. When you pass the exam, you must complete the course evaluation. You cannot receive a certificate of completion without doing the course evaluation. Just click on “Click here to complete course evaluation”, this redirects you to a short survey required by accrediting bodies. Complete the course evaluation survey and click “Submit Survey” and then print, save or email the certificate.

12. Repeat steps 2-11 until all courses are completed (Note: courses do NOT need to be taken in order listed on Student Profile page.)

13. Contact us at for a certificate of completion.