Addictions Training Institute – Package
Package Title:California Peer Recovery Mentor CPRM II Package Cost : $ 275


Description:  This online course package meets the CCAPP educational requirements (46 credits) to become a Certified Peer Recovery Mentor II (CPRM II) in the state of California. 

The 46 credit hours break down into the following 4 domains:

-10 hours Advocacy
-10 hours Mentoring/Education
-10 hours Recovery/Wellness
-16 hours Ethical Responsibility

Students have access to the course package for 1 year after the purchase date.

To review the other requirements for certification, please click here.



  1. You have 3 trials to pass each course.  Additional attempts may incur additional fees. 
  2. You can only complete and receive credit once for each course per annual fee. 
  3. Live seminars, workshops, hybrid courses (including the Florida Laws and Rules required for Licensure under Chapter 491) are not included in this package.  
  4. Make sure the courses you take are approved for your discipline.
  5. All online materials are included free of charge, books are not included.