Addictions Training Institute – Package
Package Title: Florida and Georgia Certified Recovery Resident A Package Cost : $ 497


Description:  Please note: Access to the course package expires after 1 year.

ATI has created a package of courses that contains the 100 hours of education required by the FCB. The courses range from 1 hour to 8 hours. Each course comes complete with the course materials, the exam and a certificate of completion, which you will receive immediately after passing the exam with a score of 75%. There are no hidden fees or charges.

The 100 credit hours break down into 5 domains as follows:
  1. Recovery Residence Operations & Administration – 20 credit hours
  2. Maintaining the Physical Residence – 20 credit hours
  3. Resident Screening & Admission – 10 credit hours
  4. Resident Recovery Support – 30 credit hours
  5. Legal, Professional & Ethical Responsibilities – 20 credit hours
This an independent study program to enable you to complete the required courses at your own pace and in your own home. There is no need to fight traffic while you drive to school. Study and complete courses wherever you have internet access.

After you puchase this package, you can easily access the required courses by:
  • Logging in here at the website
  • Viewing on the Visit MY Student Profile tab at the top of the page.
  • Scroll down the page to view the courses that still have to be completed.  
  • Read the material
  • Take and Pass the Exam,
  • Complete the Evaluation.
  • Print the Certificate



  1. You have 3 trials to pass each course.  Additional attempts may incur additional fees. 
  2. You can only complete and receive credit once for each course per annual fee. 
  3. Live seminars, workshops, hybrid courses (including the Florida Laws and Rules required for Licensure under Chapter 491) are not included in this package.  
  4. Make sure the courses you take are approved for your discipline.
  5. All online materials are included free of charge, books are not included.