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Biofeedback Products Could Help Improve Well-Being

July 13,2022

When we think of technology and its impact on mental health, we don’t always have a positive association but there may be some advantages we havnet considered.

When we think of technology and its impact on mental health, we don’t always have a positive association. With screen time being associated with lower levels of psychological well-being, it can be hard to buy into technology within our space.

However, tech companies are looking for a way to provide value to those looking for ways to be more mindful by introducing products that take us off our phones and focus on our bodies’ response to relaxation (or lack thereof). Companies from around the world are launching products that can measure biofeedback responses or come equipped with relaxing sounds to help with meditation.

Scientifically proven to help treat mental health disorders, this technology allows people to understand more about their bodies and mental health. Biofeedback explores new techniques to cope with anxiety, stress, and depression.

Even though technology is becoming more focused on improving mental health, trained health professionals are still critical to helping people learn more about their mental health and work through the feelings they experience. Click here to help find ways to stay current with technology.


Maintaining Momentum Beyond Mental Health Awareness Month

July 06,2022

Maintaining momentum and motivation is a crucial life skill for every professional, patient, and person.

Maintaining momentum and motivation is a crucial life skill for every professional, patient, and person. Here are some key essentials to keeping yours (and your patients’) up:

Do something small every day. Setting the bar low here can actually make you more likely to stick to your goals. What’s something small you can ensure you’ll do every day to help yourself or others?

Celebrate progress. What better time to celebrate how far you’ve come than after a month of Mental Health Awareness? Your chosen profession and the work you’ve put in are truly a reason to celebrate. Acknowledging this will only propel you forward.

Keep a “done” list. What action steps have you already taken, this month? this week? today? Having tangible proof of your “done” items can be more motivating than a staggering list of to-do’s.

What other tips and tricks does your team use for momentum maintenance?

Read more on the art here.


Retirement Bringing New Challenges in Managing Mental Health

July 01,2022

Life during retirement may be different than some thought

While people are often excited to retire and look forward to a life of relaxation and happiness, for some, leaving the workforce introduces unexpected hurdles to finding a new purpose, “…especially among those who retire younger than the older generations,” says Brent Forester, president of the- American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry.

After leaving the workforce, people can struggle to find their identity beyond their professional life. Losing social connections with coworkers can also be difficult for people.This loss of purpose and focus can trigger depression among anyone, not just retirees.

As mental health professionals, we can help the people we serve by encouraging them to find a new hobby or purpose with their new freedom, such as volunteer work or even part-time work to help ease the transition into retirement. To find more resources on serving clients through retirement, click here to explore our continuing education opportunities. Together we can continue to help people find their joys.


The Mindfulness Industry is Unleashing Blockchain to Fight Mental Health Issues

June 22,2022

The future is here, so let’s use the technology we have at our digital fingertips!

We have the safe, non-tactile security of Blockchain. (For an in-depth dive into how it all works you can visit here to find out more.) Blockchain provides a credible and equal platform for everyone who needs to have a voice without any authority in place. Blockchain-enabled platforms will be able to remove geographical barriers and make therapy accessible to all.

Its advanced technology provides an immutable record of the patient’s medication history, diagnosis, and prior treatments which is dated and accurate. Not to mention, it’s one of the most secure forms of new tech out in the world.

Using this technology has also helped incentivize other companies to put their own mental health programs in place, with a suggested 95% of employers now offering their own versions of mental health practice in their wellness platforms.

Nowadays, more people than ever are learning about the beneficial use of blockchain which could revolutionize how we use technology safely and efficiently in almost every aspect of our lives. Let’s continue to build on this knowledge and progress further into the future.