It’s National Library Week!

As Albert Einstein once famously said, “In life, you only need to know one thing…the location of the library!” It is National Library Week and as educators, CE-Classes encourages its students and mentors to take advantage of not only traditional libraries, but their modern evolutions. There’s no better time to note of the important contributions that libraries make to our society. I don’t think I can emphasize the importance of public libraries in a democratic and free society enough. Before Google, we went to the library! Your public library offers everyone free access to knowledge, technology, and help in finding information. Many libraries have free programs for children, adults, and the elderly providing a needed public service. Libraries are not just about books anymore.
Between audiobooks, podcasts, and online courses, entire libraries can now fit right in your pocket. Many of them are completely free!

My Favorite App:

My favorite app which I use and recommend to everyone who will listen is Libby. With this free app you can download eBooks and audiobooks without cost by borrowing them for a limited time from your local library. It has helped me broaden my horizons as well as get into some books that I might not have noticed before.I personally use this app every single day and download free audiobooks regularly. I listen to novels, non-fiction books, personal growth/self help books, and even business books. I listen to audiobooks while driving, cleaning, and even before sleeping every night. Try Libby soon, expand your horizons, I am sure you will enjoy it! This is your friendly reminder to expand your horizons and enjoy library week, perhaps by visiting your local branch.

Speaking of expanding your horizons, maybe now is the time to add to your education by becoming a drug and Alcohol Counselor! Of course, CE-classes also has an expansive course catalog with education directly related to you and your field. Take a CE Course with us, we will even help you out by providing a coupon for a class, see below!

Thank you for using and the as your educational providers.

The Team at CE-Classes and ATI

It’s National Library Week!