With workplace stress on the rise, employers everywhere are looking for ways to help employees de-stress while boosting overall morale. With the average person spending around 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime, it makes sense that your workplace environment makes a huge impact on your quality of life. And creating a supportive work environment starts at the top, with supportive supervisors.

Supervisors who provide their employees with necessary support and guidance can create a culture where employees feel equipped with the tools they need, as well as the motivation they desire, to perform their job well. Both employees and employers benefit from a happy workplace environment. So how can we create a supportive workplace culture, year-round?

  1. Invite and encourage employee feedback: Supervisory styles that value and encourage the feedback and ideas of its employees increase engagement. Employees feel empowered to give their thoughts on workplace policies and practices, including what areas may need improvement and which areas are working well.
  2. Prioritize employee and employer mental health: By reducing stigma associated with mental health issues or concerns and encouraging open lines of communication, employees can enjoy work environments where they feel safe to share their own experiences and reach out for help when needed.
  3. Introduce some flexibility: Employees report being happier when they feel they have some agency over their position regarding workload and expectations. By increasing options for when, where and how employees work, employees will gain more control over their lives, which then increases personal satisfaction.
  4. Maintain transparency: It makes sense that as humans, when we clearly understand what is expected of us as far as project timelines, workload expectations and more, we are able to better function and manage our own time. Communication is key, always.
  5. Recognize and celebrate the achievements: When employers publicly recognize the hard work and contributions of team members, the benefits are clear – decreased stress and increased feelings of connection and belonging. Employee recognition programs are well-received, and can even start with a hand-written note of gratitude or congratulations on a job well done.
Reducing workplace stress should be a year-round endeavor, and there are an array of ways to show your employees you care and appreciate their important contributions to your organization.

How to Establish a Supportive Workplace Culture