As behavioral health professionals, we recognize that the mental health of young people in America is one of the largest public health challenges our country is facing. These days, young Americans are turning to social media, and specifically TikTok, for information on mental health. In response, the T.H. Chan School of Public Health at Harvard is building its own team of mental health influencers, selected for their reach and quality, to reach this vulnerable population. Over the last several months, these influencers have collaborated with Harvard’s social scientists in an attempt to inject evidence-based content into their feeds.

Combating a frequent echo chamber of misinformation and risky and unscientific advice, Harvard hopes the partnership with mental health influencers will help young people find new ways to talk about different mental health concerns and engage with scientific and fact-based research. Learn more about Harvard’s efforts here.

Harvard collaborates with mental health influencers on TikTok