Contrary to what some may think, according to Dr. Michele Nealon, Psy. D., President of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, the thrill of a Halloween fright might alleviate some stress.

“There’s a psychological release from knowing that we can overcome our fear and enjoy the feeling of being exposed to crisis or threat in a safe environment,” she said. “This could be exactly the kind of release we need from our daily stresses—even if it’s just for a few moments.”

If you love horror movies or haunted houses, this may be great news for you! The adrenaline rush, followed by the endorphins and dopamine can translate into a feeling of euphoria and relief when you realize the fear has subsided. And with the very real fear and anxiety in our daily lives, the Halloween frights can actually help us release some pent-up tension.

But if Halloween thrills aren’t for you, you may need to find that stress relief elsewhere. Is it too early for holiday music?!

Halloween Thrills Can Be Good for Your Mental Health