As the drug epidemic in the U.S. continues to devastate families and communities, Google has stepped in with a “tech-enabled” approach to the crisis. With software updated frequently based on patient accounts – which will then presumably lead to individualized treatment strategies – the company aims to revolutionize the way drug addiction is treated. Healthcare professionals that are involved in addiction treatment have varying opinions on whether putting tech at the center of treatment approaches will benefit the individuals being treated.

As the program is brought to a rehab clinic in Ohio, it’s become clear that while this clinic is meant to highlight the company’s futuristic approach to medicine, it has instead shown the value of old-school care. Many are calling Google and Verily Life Sciences LLC, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company, out for jumping into industries that need the hands-on approach. With all the complexities involved in the opioid crisis, is it a good move to allow big tech to be trusted with such personal and sensitive information?

Google’s Futuristic Plan to End the Opioid Crisis