Emotional wellness is the ability to successfully handle life’s stressors and adapt to change and difficult times. How you feel can contribute to whether or not you’re able to navigate through your everyday activities, relationships and responsibilities. And part of that emotional wellness is allowing yourself to feel the range of emotions that we, as humans, experience. These emotions are both positive and negative — and all are normal and okay.

“Good vibes only” or “positive vibes only” are popular phrases we hear often — but the truth is that it’s not a realistic or healthy expectation to have for ourselves or others. Emotions are a natural and necessary part of our human experience, and acknowledging all of our feelings and the range of emotions we may experience even in a short time period is vital to being our resilient and authentic selves.

Understanding your feelings throughout different situations can allow you to accept and effectively manage challenges and times of change in your life. Being mindful, managing and reducing stress, connecting with loved ones and developing a positive mindset can all help your emotional well-being. Determine what you should focus on, feel the range of emotions you may experience and take care of your mental and physical health to find your best coping mechanisms.

Emotional wellness: what it is and how to achieve it