The increasing need for skilled professionals in the field of mental health and addiction services is undeniable. Certified Behavioral Health Technicians (CBHTs) provide invaluable support services to adults or children who are receiving substance abuse or mental health services in residential programs, in-patient settings or community based programs.

Behavioral Health Technicians play a pivotal role in client care, providing support for therapists and other healthcare professionals and working directly with clients to implement treatment plans.

Behavioral Health Technicians also help in the fight to break the stigma of mental health. The CBHT program isn’t just a learning experience; it’s a path to becoming an instrumental part of a healthcare team. The CBHT course equips students with the necessary skills to make this meaningful contribution.

What Does a Behavioral Health Technician Do?

Behavioral Health Technicians most often assist counselors and therapists by providing critical support services to clients who are receiving substance or alcohol abuse rehabilitation or mental health treatment in a variety of treatment settings. With this certification, you will be taking a significant step forward in your career in the healthcare profession.

The CBHT certification provides a solid foundation for those who wish to advance their careers in the healthcare field. Whether you aspire to become a therapist, a counselor, or a social worker, starting as a Behavioral Health Technician can provide valuable experience and insight into the profession.

Florida’s CBHT Program Requirements

Currently, the BHT certification package is thirty hours long and consists of a series of courses, each with their own exams, including:

  1. Clinical Competence: 8 hours
  2. Maintaining Client and Personal Safety: 4 hours
  3. Documentation and Patient Confidentiality: 4 hours
  4. Ethical and Professional Responsibilities: 4 hours
  5. Electives (any domain): 10 hours
ATI’s Behavioral Health Technician Program

The Addictions Training Institute (ATI) offers a comprehensive CBHT Certificate Course. Designed to provide an immersive and robust learning experience, this program opens doors to fulfilling careers in behavioral health services. ATI’s CBHT program stands out for its:
  • focus on offering a multidimensional and flexible learning experience
  • comprehensive curriculum which dives into a wide array of crucial topics, including crisis intervention, understanding client rights, therapeutic communication, and ethical practices
  • theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to function effectively in a variety of healthcare settings
  • adaptability, with an online format that allows students to learn at their own pace, making it an ideal choice for working professionals and those with personal commitments
  • flexibility, which ensures that students can balance their education with other life responsibilities, making skill development a more accessible and convenient process
ATI’s commitment to student success extends beyond the classroom. Students enrolled in the CBHT program have access to academic advisors and career services. These resources guide students through their academic journey and help them explore potential career opportunities. Additionally, students can leverage ATI’s extensive network in the healthcare field to connect with potential employers and mentors.

Upon successful completion of the CBHT Certificate Course, graduates can confidently sit for the Florida Certification Board’s CBHT certification exam. This certification significantly enhances employment prospects, as it validates the holder’s expertise and dedication to the field of behavioral health services.

By becoming a Certified Behavioral Health Technician, you can be a pillar of support for clients on their recovery journey, making a tangible difference in their lives. The journey of transforming lives starts with a step, and the CBHT Certificate Course at ATI might just be that pivotal step for you.

Ready to take the first step towards becoming a Certified Behavioral Health Technician? Visit Addictions Training Institute to learn more about our comprehensive programs and resources designed to help you succeed in this rewarding career path. Your journey to making a significant impact starts here.

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