Call 911!…Well, not anymore for suicidal ideation. There is a new suicide hotline number. The 988 (Suicide Hotline) number represented a major frontier breakthrough for our country in 2022, but there’s more that professionals should know about beyond the three digits.
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The number does not actually take effect until July 16, 2022. On that date, it will be linked to the current National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-283-8255). Currently, 988 is owned by SAMHSA and will also be funded by them. In July, however, the number will be both managed and funded on a state-by-state level. Many states are still seeking contractors and operators. For states that are unprepared, the federal Lifeline and its call centers will be a backup. The roll out will continue whether states are ready or not.

Expect these two effects from the rollout of 988:

  1. Raised awareness of mental health issues, and likely more referrals
  2. Replacement of referrals from other channels
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Did you know there is a new suicide hotline number?