We are proud to provide excellent training for current and future behavioral health professionals, so that you can continue on your journey toward improving the lives of others. The increasing need for skilled professionals in the field of mental health and addiction services is undeniable. This month, we’re highlighting Certified Community Health Workers, a career option that is perfect for those with a passion for helping promote, maintain, and improve both individual and overall community health by helping others adopt healthy behaviors.

The CCHW designation is an entry-level credential for front-line health workers who, by virtue of their trusted status in the community, serve as a liaison, link and intermediary between health services and the community to facilitate access to services and improve the quality and cultural competence of service delivery.

A Community Health Worker’s responsibilities will vary depending on the exact position, with a CHW advocating for children having very different job responsibilities than one running a nonprofit serving the community. However, the position will always share the overall concern of helping their communities access resources and health care.

A CCHW’s job often entails the following:

  • Serving as a crucial link between health and social services and the communities they serve, acting as an advocate for the health of the individual and community as a whole.
  • Building relationships within the community while bringing essential services to the individuals in the community.
  • They are trained, certified and prepared to provide outreach services, advocacy and support for adopting healthy habits.
  • This job may be performed in a range of settings, such as outpatient care centers, nonprofit organizations, hospitals, government-run programs, individual and family care facilities or even in local government settings.
Community Health Workers, also known as Certified Community Health Workers in Florida, are vital to improving the health outcomes of a community. There is a growing need for community health workers, with the profession expected to grow faster than average. The job outlook is good, with the number of job openings for health education specialists and community health workers expected to increase by 12 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Addictions Training Institute (ATI) offers an exceptional Certified Community Health Worker course to prepare individuals for this unique and important role in the healthcare field. The CCHW course at ATI provides a comprehensive understanding of the Community Health Worker role. The curriculum delves into key areas such as advocacy, social change, community health, and more.

The Educational Requirements for the Florida CCHW are included in this training. The training is worth a total of 30 hours, broken down as follows:

  1. Communication and Education: 4 hours
  2. Resources: 4 hours
  3. Advocacy: 4 hours
  4. Foundations of Health: 4 hours
  5. Professional Responsibility: 4 hours
  6. Electives: 10 hours
With a flexible online format, allowing students to learn at their own pace, ATI’s program is adaptable to ensure students can balance their education with other commitments. If you’re interested in advancing your skills and learning more about a career as a Community Health Worker, click here for more information!

Career spotlight: Certified Community Health Worker