We are proud to provide excellent training for current and future behavioral health professionals, so that you can continue on your journey toward improving the lives of others. The increasing need for skilled professionals in the field of mental health and addiction services is undeniable.This month, we’re highlighting Certified Behavioral Health Technicians, a career option that is perfect for those with a passion for helping others.

Certified Behavioral Health Technicians (CBHTs) provide invaluable support services, most often assisting counselors and therapists, for clients who are receiving substance or alcohol abuse rehabilitation or mental health treatment in residential programs, in-patient settings or community based programs. Behavioral Health Technicians play a pivotal role in client care, providing support for therapists and other healthcare professionals and working directly with clients to implement treatment plans.

Behavioral Health Technicians also help in the fight to break the stigma of mental health. The CBHT program isn’t just a learning experience; it’s a path to becoming an instrumental part of a healthcare team. The CBHT course equips students with the necessary skills to make this meaningful contribution.

The CBHT certification provides a solid foundation for those who wish to advance their careers in the healthcare field. Whether you aspire to become a therapist, a counselor, or a social worker, starting as a Behavioral Health Technician can provide valuable experience and insight into the profession. If you’re interested in advancing your skills and learning more about a career as a Behavioral Health Technician, click here for more information!

Career spotlight: Certified Behavioral Health Technician