When we think of technology and its impact on mental health, we don’t always have a positive association. With screen time being associated with lower levels of psychological well-being, it can be hard to buy into technology within our space.

However, tech companies are looking for a way to provide value to those looking for ways to be more mindful by introducing products that take us off our phones and focus on our bodies’ response to relaxation (or lack thereof). Companies from around the world are launching products that can measure biofeedback responses or come equipped with relaxing sounds to help with meditation.

Scientifically proven to help treat mental health disorders, this technology allows people to understand more about their bodies and mental health. Biofeedback explores new techniques to cope with anxiety, stress, and depression.

Even though technology is becoming more focused on improving mental health, trained health professionals are still critical to helping people learn more about their mental health and work through the feelings they experience.

Biofeedback Products Could Help Improve Well-Being