Our mission is to make the world a better place by training the people who help others. Our students choose to pursue an education in the behavioral healthcare field for various reasons, and we’re proud to be a part of their journeys toward making a difference. Each month we feature a student who is on the path to truly making an impact on the lives of others. Our Student of the Month, Teressa Leitner, shares her experience with ATI:

I am the store manager of Claire’s Boutique. I enjoy hiking, writing poetry and learning. I have 5 children, and I also have a dog named Benji. I am passionate about helping others and wanting to make a difference in someone’s life.

I attended college at Miami Dade. I wanted to pursue additional education for drug and alcohol counselor related roles because I have dealt with substance abuse myself, and that made me want to help others who still suffer and let them know that they do not have to suffer anymore.

I chose ATI due to the fact that it was accommodating to my needs and offered a great program. What I liked most while studying at ATI was the group interaction, writing, and being able to express myself with honesty. Taking courses online made it easier for me to obtain my educational goals. It has been helpful that I’ve been able to work while pursuing my education.

When I become certified, I plan on becoming an addictions therapist and would like to work with addicts who are also caught in a web of domestic violence. Right now, I work as a store manager where I can utilize my leadership skills. I love having a great team and putting smiles on children’s faces.

I plan to use my education to transition into a treatment facility for women and children.

My ability to never give up, my belief in myself, and my ability to accept help when needed assure me that reaching that goal is right around the corner.

A Passion for Making a Difference: Meet Teressa Leitner