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How science supports pets to improve mental health

The relationships between people and animals have long been explored, researched and celebrated. No doubt, animals are adorable (hence the millions of pet videos going viral), and there’s no doubt they bring families across the world a tremendous amount of […]

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Eating Disorders Awareness Week, an annual campaign to educate the public about eating disorders and to engage in efforts to provide hope and support for those affected by eating disorders, is taking place Monday, February 26 – Sunday, March 3, […]

8 tips for starting a conversation about mental health

Sometimes the hardest conversations are the most important. As behavioral health professionals, we understand the importance of mental health awareness — however, despite growing awareness, many people still find it challenging to discuss mental health openly. In fact, a new […]

A passion for the recovery community: Meet Jam Macabugao

We are passionate about our mission to provide the support, training and resources to help you and your clients succeed. We love hearing and sharing the “whys” of those who are chasing their dreams of helping make the world a […]

Celebrating Black American pioneers in mental health

This Black History Month, we recognize the many influential Black Americans who have positively impacted our field. Black Americans’ contributions to the field of mental health have been long overlooked. Let’s explore some trailblazers who have paved the way toward […]

Connecting on a deeper level: empathic engagement

As behavioral health professionals, it becomes second nature to find new ways to learn and grow, all with the goal of better supporting our clients. A client-centered tool that is essential to fostering connection is empathic engagement. Last week, we […]

Career spotlight: Certified Recovery Residence Administrator

We are proud to provide excellent training for current and future behavioral health professionals, so that you can continue on your journey toward improving the lives of others. The increasing need for skilled professionals in the field of mental health […]

Why doing good for others boosts health and well-being

Studies have shown that one of the best ways to help ourselves is actually to attempt to help others. People derive happiness from seeing others happy, and this is especially true if we have shown kindness and generosity to others. […]

The benefits of becoming an empathic listener

If you’ve ever had a deep conversation with someone and come away feeling not only heard, but understood, you’ve felt the power and compassion behind empathic listening. As behavioral health professionals, we know that communication is the building block of […]

Step into a Vital Role: Become a Certified Recovery Residence Administrator

Recovery residences play an integral role in supporting individuals on their journey to sobriety. These safe, substance-free environments foster community, accountability, and the development of life skills crucial to maintaining long-term recovery. At the helm of these communities are Certified […]