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Understanding Addiction to Support Recovery

Although addiction can happen to anyone, the good news is that it is a treatable disease. This month is National Recovery Month, celebrating the gains made by those in recovery, and reinforcing the positive message that while addiction doesn’t discriminate, […]

7 Passwords You Should Never Use at Your Small Business

Owning a small business means owning data. You’re constantly acquiring new information related to your customers, your financial details, and all the vendors and contractors with whom you work. One cyber criminal, though, one lucky hack, and you’ve just exposed […]

Preventing Burnout in Behavioral Health Workers

Work-related stress can be a factor in many professions, but becomes an even more significant concern when high-pressure careers, such as those in the behavioral health field, are already facing workforce shortages. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, burnout was prevalent […]

The Value of Community During Recovery

Many people now in addiction recovery have experienced the negative impacts of addiction, including the loss of friends or loved ones, loss of income, and loss of connections. These effects can be widespread and overwhelming for those struggling with addiction, […]

Why We Procrastinate — and How to Stop

Putting off doing things we don’t enjoy is common, despite the potentially negative consequences. Procrastination takes many forms and often has complex roots. There are a number of causes for procrastination: When we miscalculate how long a task will actually […]

Tips for Managing Your Emotional Triggers

Throughout any given day, you probably experience a full range of emotions — joy, excitement, anxiousness, frustration, disappointment — all dependent on situations and events that occur during the day. And sometimes, you may experience intense emotional reactions – known […]

The Importance of Support During Recovery

National Recovery Month, which started in 1989, is held every September to promote new evidence-based treatment and recovery practices and to support the proud recovery community and those dedicated to making recovery possible. Recovery is possible for anyone, and healthcare […]

Sharing Experience, Strength and Hope: Meet Terry Reeder

We are passionate about our mission to provide the support, training and resources to help you and your clients succeed. We love hearing and sharing the “whys” of those who are chasing their dreams of helping make the world a […]

Selfies, Social, & Screens: Mental Health America’s Back-to-School Toolkit

Recognizing the mental health challenges our nation’s school-aged children face is the first step in taking action that can truly make a difference. Fostering a supportive environment for young people is important in opening the line of communication about the […]

Reliable and Professional Agency Training, Simplified

When you’re leading a team or an agency, quick thinking and forward movement are a must in order to reach your goals, both individually and as a team. Your clients and your team will benefit immensely from you feeling supported […]