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The Importance of Prioritizing Emotional Wellness over Academic Achievement

One way we can take a preventative approach to dealing with this emotional distress is to change the way we think of timelines. Specifically, we need to begin adjusting our expectations of young adults and what they should accomplish by […]

The Power of Positive Anticipation

With all of the variables and unexpected twists and turns that life can throw at us, it’s especially important to have positive, happy things to look forward to. Waiting is not everyone’s favorite pastime — and sometimes it can even […]

Helping a family member through addiction

Addiction is truly a family disease. Why do we say that? When a family member abuses drugs and/or alcohol, everyone in the family feels the effects. And substance abuse impacts every part of society — all races, cultures, ages and […]

Qualified Addictions Professionals are in High Demand

Certified alcohol and drug counselors work within an array of settings, such as outpatient/residential drug treatment centers, hospitals, colleges, churches, and government agencies. If you ever dreamed of being in the helping field, now is the time! Substance abuse is […]

Give yourself a mental health boost by decluttering

Spring cleaning season has begun! Just as clutter and messiness can trigger anxious feelings and even depression, clearing your space helps clear your mind, and gives you a mental boost in the process. Experts say that cleaning and organizing is […]

How long does it take to become a drug counselor in Florida?

If you’re interested in becoming a drug counselor in Florida, you may be wondering how long it takes to complete the necessary education and training. The requirements for becoming a drug counselor in Florida can vary depending on the type […]

How to become an empathic listener

In the midst of our country’s mental health crisis, finding ways to connect with and understand one another is more important than ever. Some people experiencing mental health issues may need the care that can only be provided by trained […]

Making the most of your virtual learning experience

Virtual learning is here to stay, with many choosing to continue their education online. There are a number of reasons why online school has become so popular, including affordability, flexibility, learning at your own pace and more. It’s becoming more […]

The benefits of having something to look forward to

Building positive anticipation carries with it many benefits to those who choose to not just “live in the now” but also look forward to the future, as well. By having something fun or exciting to look forward to, large or […]

5 mental health benefits of volunteering

Volunteerism is a way of giving back to your community by doing for others with no expectations of any compensation in return. Whether you volunteer weekly, monthly or yearly, it all helps — because the truth is, nonprofit organizations cannot […]