The Addictions Training Institute is happy to offer a fully online program designed to meet all your educational needs to become a certified alcohol and drug counselor in your state.

Who We Are

Addiction training Institute (ATI) is a division of  We have been in business for over 15 years providing educational classes to almost 20,000 healthcare professionals.  The ATI curriculum is designed to help individuals become alcohol and drug counselors.

Where We’re Located

ATI’s a fully online program, which lets you work on your assignments on your own schedule. Although, there are deadlines that have to be met, you can work at 2 o’clock in the morning or you could work from the beach or in your pajamas within that time frame. This makes ATI convenient for individuals of all schedules.

Each week there is an exam or an assignment that is due.  We provide extra structure in the form of an online chat with your professor each week.

Courses at the Addictions Training Institute are designed by licensed professors with over 15 years of experience in developing and offering continuing education courses for behavioral health professionals nationwide.

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How Does It Work?

The material for each class comes from the ICRC recommended textbook list. Students are required to buy the textbooks. Classwork is done online via the blackboard learning management system.  A syllabus is provided for each course, which describes each week’s assignment. In addition blackboard also provides the assignments due each week.

Our entire program was designed to meet the stringent IC & RC training requirements, and can be finished in about a year. The IC & RC certification is accepted by 47 states and many countries outside the US. The coursework consists of 6 courses and a practicum course.  The courses cover the topics you need to become an effective counselor. Courses like Counseling Methods, Ethics, and Case Management. There is a quiz each week, around 4 assignments during the course and a weekly interactive discussion online.

In fact, we even used the textbooks that are used to create the certification exam as the required reading material for our courses.  While you are reading and learning the course material, you are covering the exact same material that is on the certification exam.  We have designed the entire program to give you the best opportunity to succeed. We even allow you to re-take quizzes – so there is no need to feel as if you can “fail” a course.  If you don’t pass a quiz, simply study some more and re-take the quiz.  Our goal is to give you all the tools you need to be a success as a drug and alcohol counselor.

Achieve the Life You Want To Live

While Helping Others

You came to the Addictions Training Institute Website because you (or someone you know) expresses the desire to:
•    Help other alcoholics and addicts recover
•    Work with a group of professionals all dedicated to helping others
•    Surround yourself with others who are clean and sober
•    Build a career for yourself in a rapidly growing industry
•    Earn more money
•    Give back by helping to alleviate the suffering and pain associated with addiction
•    Make the world a better place by helping those in need

Why Choose ATI?

There are many different types of licensing and certification. Of course, the rules and requirements vary from state to state. And even within a state there can be multiple levels of certification and licensure. Many of these programs can easily cost 50 thousand dollars or more.

The beauty of ATI is the coursework is fully online. You can learn on your own schedule when it is convenient for you. Some people think that online learning doesn’t allow for interaction with instructors. This is another way that the Addictions Training Institute is different. There are scheduled phone and internet based meetings in which you get to speak directly with your instructor. You can ask questions, get feedback, and even learn from the questions and problems posed by other students in the class.

Our courses and training won’t be all that you have to do to earn certification. As mentioned above, every state has different requirements. However, they all expect a certified addictions counselor to have work experience, supervision and to pass an exam. This is all in addition to the hundreds of hours of class time that must also be done.

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According to the IC&RC “The Alcohol & Drug Counselor credential is the foundation for working in diverse professional settings where addiction services are provided. . . .The Alcohol & Drug Counselor credential requires professionals to demonstrate competency through experience, education, supervision, and the passing of an examination.”

Other certification programs can cost up to $20,000 or more. We actually encourage potential students to look at other programs. We know that they cannot compare with our low cost, open access, and flexibility. Remember, even out textbooks align with your certification exam!

What does this training program cost?
The entire training program costs far less than you might think. While most programs cost more than $20,000, our program costs not $10,000, not even $5,000. You can earn all the credits you need to become a drug and alcohol counselor for less than $4,000.

Full Program Course: $3947.
By course:  $600.
We have payment plans that nearly anyone can afford.

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When To Start

Our next session starts the week of August 17 and space is limited. Don’t wait another minute and register today, there is no obligation and registration is free! You can get also more information online. Or call us at 866-977-4105.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you Achieve the Life You Really Want to Live While Helping Others

P.S.  We have some scholarship opportunities available!  Contact us ASAP as they are going fast.

P.P.S our next class is starting the week of August 17

P.P.P.S.  We can help with financing!!